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Residential Services

Mixed Paper: Envelopes, magazines, catalogs, paperbacks, writing paper, paper bags, mail

Newspapers: All newsprint material

Cardboard: Boxes and other corugated cardboard (smooth on the outside, wavy in the middle)

This Cardboard: Any thin cardboard such as shoe, cereal & cookie boxes, paper egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, etc.

Metal Cans & Scrap Metals
Aluminum & tin cans, foil & pie plates, empty steel aerosol can, empty latex paint cans, scrap metal (any item that's all metal)

Glass Bottles
Glass food & beverage containers only

Plastic Bottles/Jugs
All plastic bottles with the 1 or 2 symbol on the bottom, color or clear, like milk, detergent, bleach, soda, salad dressing, etc.

Milk & Juice Cartons
& Drink Boxes

>New Bedford Recycling Program (PDF)
>Solid Waste Generation Guidelines

>Massachusetts Waste Disposal Bans

>Your Business and the Waste Bans What You Need To Know (PDF)



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