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Compaction Services:
ABC Disposal Service offers compaction services for business with large volumes of materials. Our compactors range in size from 2 cubic yard up to 42 cubic yards. These units handle both dry waste and wet wastes. Typically these units compact wastes at a 3 to 1 ratio. We also offer cardboard free standing balers. These balers are installed inside your building for easy access for your employees. ABC Disposal provides collection of these bales as well. There is no installation application too large or too small for the highly talented technicians at ABC.

ABC Disposal Service provides 24/7 Emergency repair services for their compactor customers, we also offer 3rd party repair and maintenance services for compactor systems you may own. Our highly trained and skilled compaction service technicians are certified in all types of repairs on all type of units. If you own your compactor and haven’t had it serviced in a while, CALL ABC Disposal Service for a free inspection and scheduled maintenance quote.

From restaurants and hotels to manufacturers and hospitals, compactor containers by ABC Disposal Service will provide maximum convenience while reducing your disposal fees. And ABC Disposal can custom-install compactor systems to meet any need. (Click Images to Enlarge)

safety lock

ABC Disposal Service, Inc.'s compactors meet OSHA's requirements. See safety lock above.

2 cubic yard stationary compactor

2 cubic yard stationary compact system with over-the-side chute with 42 cubic yard compaction container attached. Currently at use at small manufacturing firm.

15 cubic yard self contained compactor

15 cubic yard self contained compactor for multi unit apartment complex use. It can also be customized to our customers design specifications. This compactor can be used directly from ground level or can include a vertical chute feed enclosure to be used on each floor of a multi-family complex.

  35 cubic yard compactor

35 cubic yard (self-contained) compaction system with an "over-the-rear" chute and a walk-on enclosure. Currently in use at a Fortune500 company.

42 cubic yard compactor container

42 cubic yard (closed) compaction container. Currently in use at a department store chain.

3.5 cubic yard stationary compactor

Left Side: 3.5 cubic yard stationary compactor with over-the-side enclosure with attached 42 cubic yard closed container. Right Side: Over-the-side self-supporting enclosure with 35 cubic yard self-contained compactor. The unit has a 2 cubic yard compactor on same skid as closed container. Self-contained compactors are used for accounts with a high volume of moisture content. These compactors, capable of handling up to 500 gallons of waste, are currently in use at a major food service supply company.

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